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Does the mention of Raw Foods
conjure pictures of boring veggie sticks and salads?

Smell, Taste—then, Think again! Sylvia Thompson did in May of 2005.

On the way to Bermuda, at a stop in New York
with her husband, Pete, they dined at a raw food restaurant, Pure Food and Wine.

“That’s when the lights went on,” Thompson says. “Each bite was so vibrant, I didn’t even think—oh, it’s raw—and when the dessert came, I had to ask, if it was vegan (containing no animal products).”
That first experience at a raw restaurant made a lasting impression on her, much more than the three vegan cooked dinners she had several nights before at several of New York’s highly-rated, fine dining French restaurants.
Before returning to Hawaii, they took in more raw meals at Café Gratitude in San Francisco. Sylvia picked up a stack of raw recipe books there, and began “un-cooking” meals and sharing them with friends at jazz venues.

While attending the San Francisco Jazz Festival in October ‘05, a lemon “cheesecake” at the raw restaurant Alive, turned Sylvia’s head and she registered for May-June (2006) raw food classes at the Living Light International Culinary Arts School. Returning as a Certified Chef/Instructor from culinary school, Sylvia launched Licious Dishes.

Licious Dishes LLC DBA Greens & Vines was conceived after Sylvia read an article in the New York Times in January of ’06 about meal assembly centers called Super Suppers and Dream Dinners. She realized that it was a way to express her passion in making raw vegan meals available to people without having to get stuck at a food establishment until late at night. “I’m too old for that. I enjoy spending my evenings with my hubby.”

Foods To Go: Daily - at our deli-fridge, a store near you or by subscription
A customer told me frankly that people don’t want other people touching their food who are “yackin’ away” with their friends. Besides, convenience is a big part of the Licious Dishes mantra. We take all the shopping, chopping and mopping out of our customers’ meal preparation. Why make them package it? Besides, there is a crying need for raw-vegan gourmet packaged meals to-go. People live busy lives and don’t have time to go out to restaurants or to pick up meals to-go everyday. The packaged meals can be eaten at dinner time or taken to the office for lunch.
Sylvia began cooking vegan meals in January 2004, after Pete had a heart attack two days after Thanksgiving. “When Pete’s cardiologist had me bring
our Will to the hospital, my heart pounded loudly and I cried.” Pete was to have a stent implanted in his blocked artery the following day, and he vowed to never return to the hospital again. Becky had dropped off a copy of Dr. Dean Ornish’s book, REVERSING HEART DISEASE, as well as her cookbook, The Blonde Vegetarian to Pete. Then the couple started their vegan journey.

With guidelines from the Ornish book, Sylvia experimented with various “vegetarian” recipes leaving out the creams and cheeses, and turning them into vegan meals, as well as cutting back on the amount of oils used. She soon realized that she
didn’t need to add heavy creams and cheeses to make flavorful vegetarian meals. Even their meat eating buddies at various jazz venues continue to enjoy her creations. With all that support, Sylvia kept cooking. 

She joined Pete at the Coronary Health Improvement Program (CHIP), a month-
long seminar put together by Hans Diehl, the lead researcher for the late Dr. Pritikin, who combined his research with international studies of the historic
effects of various diets on peoples’ health. This seminar shows conclusive
evidence of the damage the Western diet or the Standard American Diet (SAD)
has had and continues to have on those who continue to consume animal products, refined, and fast foods. The studies have found that the major
diseases of this century such as Diabetes, Cancer, Arteriosclerosis,
Osteoporosis, Obesity, etc. have its roots in SAD and the sedentary lifestyle.

“CHIP taught us that by taking charge of our own health through a healthy diet and exercise, we would not need to rely on doctors and their medicines that only treat symptoms and not the root of the health problems. Pete wanted to get off of those blood pressure medicines, and pills like Lipitor that lower the cholesterol with bad side effects on the liver. “Pete has been successful in getting off all of his meds,” Sylvia says.


The following year, February to March of 2006, she volunteered to cook for CHIP (with the help of Becky) and then for two
of Becky’s wedding receptions of 50 people each. These were entirely vegan meals (mostly raw), and the loving feedback from the diners and the experience of cooking for so many, empowered her to form Licious Dishes, LLC DBA Greens & Vines.

A regimen combining running, weights, yoga, and sometimes spinning keeps her physically fit, her mind sharp and creative juices flowing. It’s a big part of her healthy lifestyle. 

We credit two doctors for giving us back control of our health: Dr. Dean Ornish, author of the book REVERSING HEART DISEASE, and Dr. Hans Diehl, the late Dr. Pritikin's lead researcher who developed the month-long seminar called CHIP (Coronary Health Improvement Program). During the seminar we received this great resource, REVERSING DISEASE WITH FORK AND KNIFE, which covers major international studies done over the past century about the diseases caused by the western diet of animal products and refined foods and how to reverse the damage. Call (909) 7967676 to get Dr. Diehl's book.

Check out these books. It will give you the courage to take charge of your own health and life.