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• RAW::: Plant-based foods are not cooked over 115 degrees to keep the enzymes (proteins), the life-giving water, and the health-giving nutrients and anti-oxidants of the plant ALIVE to aid digestion within your body.

• VEGAN::: Our foods are made of Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts and Seeds. No animal products—no meats, seafood, poultry, or dairy, of any kind are used. We take your health seriously. There’s no refined anything!

You don’t have to be a raw/vegan to love the vibrant flavor of our meals.  Come by our shop and sample our foods.  See for yourself.

• FOODS TO GO:::  There are 3 ways to get Licious Dishes meals:
Daily From Our Deli-Fridge/ At A Health Food Store Near You/ Or By Subscription.

1) Drop by the Licious Dishes Kitchen/Shop Monday to Friday from 8 am–5pm where GRAB N’ GO meals and desserts are available in the Deli Fridge. 
No pre-order necessary.

2) Grab ‘N’ Go meals and desserts are available in the “chilled department” of Kale’s Natural Foods in Hawaii Kai
Weekly Meal Bags may also be picked up at the stores.Call to arrange pick-up at participating store.

3) Each week, five healthy, packaged, gourmet meals (see the four rotating Meal Plans on the back) are available for people to order ahead of time and pick up on Fridays with a payment prior to pick-up.  Sauces will be packaged separately from the vegetables so as not to compromise the freshness of the meal. Ingredient labels include easy-to-follow assembly instructions. The order of consumption is the order in which the dishes are listed in the BROCHURE



Licious Dishes is NOT A DIET. It’s a healthy lifestyle based on plant-based foods including vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, combined with carefully selected high grade natural sweeteners, oils, and salts.

a) Sweeteners: Sweeteners used are low on the glycemic index and low or zero in calories: Raw agave nectar is a natural liquid sweetener made from the cactus plant. It has 15 calories per teaspoon and is 35% sweeter than sugar (so we use less of it to sweeten), and low (19) on the Glycemic Index (a ranking of carbohydrates according to their effect on blood glucose levels). Stevia made from a shrub in South America is 300 times sweeter than sugar with zero calories and very low on the Glycemic Index. In addition, Raw Agave Nectar is not heated over 115 degrees in its preparation. Whole foods like raisins, dates, figs and apples to name a few are also used as sweeteners.

b) Oils: No cooking oils are needed and so only high quality oils are added to Licious Dishes meals like Barleans Highest-Lignon Flax Seed Oil (high in Omega-3 Fatty acids), Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Cold Pressed, Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, and Pure Sesame Oil. At one time, oils were almost eliminated from the “healthy” diet, but we now know that there are essential oils necessary for the healthy functioning of our brain and cardio vascular system. Flax Seed oil, high in omega-3 fatty acids is superior to fish oils in its taste as well as in the fact that there isn’t any saturated fat in it. Oils taken from fish that have been farm-raised lack the omega-3 fatty acids, while fish caught in many of America’s polluted rivers and oceans have a high mercury content.


  c) Salts: Table salts which have been refined to a point where they are devoid of trace minerals and then coated with chemicals to keep them flowing out of the salt shaker ARE NOT used here. In fact the only Sea Salts used in our meals are RealSalt—a pink salt harvested from ancient riverbeds once covered over by volcanic ash, and thus not polluted by the environment in Utah—and Celtic Sea Salt—the finest grey salt harvested from prestine riverbeds in Brittany, France. These salts contain 50+ trace minerals and iodine necessary for health.
Soy Sauce: This is one of two soy products (the other being un-pasteurized miso) used by Licious Dishes, and only the Ohsawa brand, Wheat-Free Tamari is used since it is the only brand that is un-pasteurized, and because many people are allergic to wheat without even knowing it. Soy is one of the highest genetically modified crop in the world today, and the effects of the phytoestrogens (estrogens are a growth hormone) on the human body is being hotly debated as to whether it could lead to cancer.
Celery: People have asked whether the flaxseed crackers contain salt and the answer is no. The salt is in the celery.

THIS LIFESTYLE INCLUDES CARING FOR THE ENVIRONMENT and leaving as small a “footprint” on the earth as possible. We support sustainable agriculture, so therefore meals are made with:

a) Fresh locally grown farm products are selected each week and used as much as possible.
b) Locally grown organic vegetables are used upon availability
c) Mainland-grown organic and then non-organic vegetables are then used.

First of all, fresh local organic vegetables taste better than non organic and local produce will stay fresher longer.

Secondly, organic vegetables imported from another country would require the use of too much energy to get to your plate. That would leave a large footprint on this earth.

Thirdly, if we don’t support our local farmers, some big developer will rezone the agricultural lands for development, or some big agri-business will replace our local diversified agriculture with corn or seed crops that are genetically modified and sprayed heavily.


By not “cooking” foods above 115 degrees, the living organisms within the plants (cells full of life-giving water, proteins, nutrients, and antioxidants) do not evaporate into thin air. The main methods used in “un-cooking” are blending, marinating, and dehydrating. This is why raw foods have a fresh vibrant flavor unmatched by cooked foods “needing” more oils and seasonings to replace the plant’s loss flavors.

1) If you took a piece of the Licious Dishes dehydrated flaxseed cracker and planted it in the ground, and watered it, it should sprout within a few days; proving that it’s still alive after hours of dehydrating. In raw food preparation, all seeds (and nuts) are soaked in water to remove the enzyme inhibiters that keep it from germinating. With a good soaking the germination process starts within an otherwise dormant seed. When the seed actually sprouts, it becomes a vegetable. By eating the seed while germinating or in its sprouted state, the active enzymes become a part of your life force as living cuisine. Just imagine the life-giving force provided by one soaked almond which could grow into a huge tree being ingested as food.

I altered a Tatsoi Salad recipe I obtained from a Kaiser Permanente sponsored food demonstration. It originally called for double the amount of oil and salt because the onions and garlic were to be sautéed prior to being poured over the tatsoi. In addition, it called for feta cheese, which of course I instantly deleted.
By marinating sliced red onions instead of sautéing them, they kept their beautiful bright pink color within which resides the antioxidants of the onion and became soft enough for easy consumption releasing its wonderful sweet flavor. The Sherry Vinegar was replaced with a combination of un-pasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar and fresh Lime Juice. The raw apple cider still has the “mother” (enzymes of the apple) at the bottom of the jar, and the lime juice, its Vitamin C. Also, by not heating the extra-virgin olive oil, the molecular structure of this monounsaturated fat was kept in its healthy state which can help to push out the bad cholesterols from your system. This is an example of less is more; more flavor and nutrients, with less salt and oil. This is why raw foods have a fresh vibrant flavor unmatched by cooked foods with added seasoning.

Using a high-speed blender, sauces, soups, dressings, desserts, etc. can be made without cooking. The friction produced by the blender blade can also slightly heat soups prior to consumption.